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Espionage? - Alexa Chung Covers Elle UK, March 2012

Alexa Chung wearing Louis Vuitton for Elle Uk, March 2012

It girl? Check.
(I must say I am not a great fan of Alexa though. She's too disconnected for me.)
Louis Vuitton S/S 2012? Check.
Pastel colors? Check.
Oh So Pretty written on the cover? Check.
I believe we may have a case of editorial espionage on our hands.
Although a bit different, Elle Uk's March cover with Alexa Chung is looking very similar to British Vogue's cover with Lana Del Rey , don't you think? Is it all a coincidence or is one magazine copying the other like in the movie "13 going on 30"? If one of them is, that's a pretty dumb move in my book. In today's market is being different that makes you, not copying everyone else.
What do you guys think of this?

Rapariga do momento? Confere.
(Há que dizer que não sou grande fã da Alexa. É um bocadinho parada para mim.)
Louis Vuitton P/V 2012? Confere.
Cores pastel? Confere.
Oh so pretty escrito na capa? Confere.
Penso que podemos estar perante um caso de espionagem editorial.
Apesar de um pouco diferente a capa da Elle UK de Março com a Alexa Chung está muito parecida com a Vogue Britânica do mesmo mês, não acham? Será coincidência ou estará uma revista a copiar a outra como no filme "De repente já nos 30"? Se uma delas está a copiar a outra, acho que está a ser um bocadinho burra. O mercado de hoje benificia a originalidade não cópias descaradas.
E vocês, o que acham deste caso?

[Photo from Elle UK's Facebook page]

4 comentários:

SymbioticLife disse...

Hmmm so I'm going to be all controversial here. I don't think it's a good idea to copy someone else's work. It's boring. Secondly, while I think Alexa has some stunning features to her, I've never been that fascinated with her as an "It" girl. I've always been slightly bemused as to how she's earned that label. I respect her accomplishments. She simply is not an aesthetic that resonates with me. Lately, it's occured to me that she's looking particularly thin to the point of looking unhealthy. I don't know if she's always been that thin and I'm just now noticing or if she has in fact lost weight. A number on a scale isn't what's important to me. It's about how healthy someone looks. If you're being presented as a role model or something to aspire to, I hope it's a healthy and realistic ideal. That's all.

Diana Teodoro disse...

I don't know if she's been getting thinner, cause I don't follow her "career". But I think she's always been like this. Unfortunately all fashion it girls are skinny. I think both them and the general public believe there's no way of being stylish without being extremely thin.

SymbioticLife disse...

Agreed. I too haven't followed her career too closely. I have noticed her at fashion shows from time to time and lately have seen her in a lot of magazine spreads. It's just these past few months I noticed how thin she seems. I love it when people who don't fit the extremely thin mode are incredibly fashionable. I hope I will see an evolution of what's considered stylish to embrace more diversity.

Young Girl disse...

Cores pastéis, amoooo:)