segunda-feira, 5 de maio de 2014

Fashion Survivor

If you're in your twenties it is very likely that you feel overwhelmed and completely lost pretty much all the time. Well, I do and that's way I haven't had the energy to post anything in the blog for the past four months. Like the model on this shoot, I've been shipwrecked for a while. A bit off track, lost, struggling to go past survival mode and actually live the life I am meant to be living. For that, I have once again neglected this blog and my fashion voice, but here's to trying once more. For the resurrection of the blog, I bring you this Numero Tokyo editorial with Dutch model Querelle Jansen photographed by Laurie Bartley and styled by Felipe Mendes. This editorial is all I want to see in a fashion story: a storyline, a bit of an unexpected styling, emotion, and props, lots of props! Only something so amazing could bring me back from the dead!

Fashion Survivor
Querelle Jansen for Numero Tokyo, June 2014
Photography: Laurie Bartley
Styling: Felipe Mendes 

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