quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014

The Silver Age

Looking at senior supermodel Daphne Selfe and her silver hair in the cover and editorial of Spanish magazine S Moda, I think she looks magnificent but cynically looking at my new profile picture on Facebook, I can't help but forget how hot I look and just notice the fine lines under my eyes and around my mouth. It is embarrassing to admit how common I am but it does scare me how old I'm getting. At "just" 27 I'm already spending a little fortune on anti-aging products that promise me I won't look a day over 20. You would expect that in a time when our life expectancy is getting longer our prime time would not be 17 but 37 or even 47 and beyond. But who is really to blame? Is it the usual scapegoat, the fashion industry and its use of ridiculously young girls in business suits and evening gowns or is it the cosmetic and plastic surgery industries with their infinite and apparently mandatory products and procedures that push us to that quest? Are we being brainwashed or are we just simply afraid of the inevitable? Incapacity and death. Is it really just about saggy breasts and grey hair or are we just afraid of how little we have left and how little we have lived? I know that for me getting older means getting wiser, becoming more successful, having a more meaningful life, becoming more... me. And showing my age without showing the results that should come with that age is too frightening of a possibility. However, I do hope that with age and those wrinkles I dread so much, I will stop caring about those little things and can age gracefully and peacefully and who knows, even become a supermodel after my 70th birthday.

Daphne Selfe for S Moda

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Diana Santos disse...

que senhora linda meu deus!


Filipa disse...

Continua super elegante!!!