sexta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2012

Dear Santa, I Swear I've Been Nice #13

The ultimate Christmas shoes! I want!!!
Os sapatos mais natalícios de sempre! Quero!!!


Thanks for stopping by! :)
Obrigada pela visita! :)

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Our Choices disse...


Danny disse...

omg, são tão giros!

Diana Alex disse...

_______________I Have 
______________Come Here 
_____________To Wish You 
____________Merry Christmas 
___________And Also, A Happy 
__________New Year To You For 
_________2013... I Hope The New 
________Year Brings You Loads Of 
_______Happiness And Good Health. 
_____I Hope You Have A Nice Day On 
____Christmas Day, Filled With Lots Of 
___Family Time.....And Of Course Eating 
__Lots Of Nice Foods, And Candies. I Hope 
_That Santa Is Good To You As Well And He 
.Brings You lots Of Presents On Christmas Day 

Yulia Yudina disse...

Gogeous shoes! Love Charlotte Olympia!!!

My blog

Dina L. disse...

Ufff Adoro os heels da C.Olympia! Sao de morrer e chorar por muito mais!! beijinhos

Feliz Ano Novo!!

Eni Rossidou disse...

lovely fotos...! wish u a happy new year :-)

I am following u now!!!

xxx Ros.e.

Anónimo disse...

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