segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2011

Oh Tony!

Jamie Strachan, Mark Vanderloo and Tony Ward by Terry Richardson for H&M Fall 2011 campaign

Today I came across these H&M ads and thought to myself, this is one of the hottest men in the world (the one in the middle in the 1st pic)! Where has he been? Being the curious girl that I am, I had to know who he was and after 5 min in Google I finally found out. This fine male is Tony Ward, actor, model and Madonna's boy toy from the 90's! How I lived 25 years without knowing who this man was, I'll never know!

Hoje vi estes anúncios da H&M e pensei cá para mim, este é um dos homens mais sexys do mundo ( o do meio da 1ª foto)! Mas onde é que ele tem andado? Sendo curiosa como sou, fui logo investigar e passados 5 min no Google descobri quem ele era. Este belo membro do sexo masculino chama-se Tony Ward e é modelo, actor e foi boy toy da Madonna nos anos 90. Como é que eu passei 25 anos da minha vida sem saber quem ele era é que eu nunca vou saber!

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SymbioticLife disse...

lol, personally, I like the bad boy Leonardo DiCaprio look alike.

And I saw two pajamas wearing people out and about recently. One on an airplane in one of those giant onesies like I featured on my post and another was a man pushing a stroller with a baby in it wearing silk pajama bottoms as he ambled down the street. Just so wrong. It showed way too well what nature had or had not gifted him in the all important baby making areas.

Paraphernalia Girl disse...

Tony foste feito para a Di!!!

SymbioticLife disse...

"Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury." You're so right. She was a very wise woman. Do you have a twitter account? I'd love to follow you if you do! xoxo

Tesa disse...

love it!

SymbioticLife disse...

I do have a twitter account: symbiotic_life. If you ever use yours it'd be great to see you there!