sábado, 29 de outubro de 2011

Black Widow

Hey fashionable and spooky people!
Halloween is here and everywhere you go, you can not escape the pumpkins and trails of blood! In Portugal we didn't use to celebrate this holiday, but now, with the influence of American tv and movies, kids think they're entitled of some free candy as well. Last year I went trick or treating with my baby sister for the first time and it was lot's of fun. This year, since I'm in Dublin, I won't be able to do that with her, but thanks to some friends, I got to celebrate Halloween in style. Last night I attended a Halloween/socks (no shoes allowed) party for the first time and since I didn't have a lot of time to think about the costume I just got an easy fix and went as a "Black widow", as you can see in this crappy phone picture I manage to snap before I left home.

I didn't do much to achieve the look. Just got this hair clip with the veil and spider from Claire's and went a bit heavy on the brows and lips. I usually put on bronzer and blush, but for this, I just used my normal foundation to achieve a pale look. I just had a hint of blush and decided to go really dark and heavy on the brows and lips. I used a dark purple (nº4) lipstick from Kate Moss's new collection for Rimmel. It's gorgeous and not just for Halloween.

I dressed all in black and wore black pants and a lace shirt with a silk bow that I got for €15 at H&M last year. The event was socks only, so I decided to keep it classy with black lace socks.
As you can see in the picture, I wore my hair up (don't know what is it with me these days that I just can't wear my hair down). This is a great hair style that fits every occasion. I've worn it to parties, church and even job interviews. It looks put together and it takes literally 5 min. I learned how to do it with Jojo from "Um ano sem Zara" (One year without Zara), a Brazilian blogger who pledged not to shop for a year (God bless her!) . The video is in Portuguese, but I guess you get the point.

In the video Jojo uses a sock, but you can find little sponge doughnuts at Penneys (Primark) for €1.50 or at Boots.

So tell me, are you celebrating Halloween this year? Are you going to a party? Hosting one? Out clubbing? Treat or tricking with the kids? Are you dressing up? Let me know!

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SymbioticLife disse...

We went to a party for all the kids. I dressed up as Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter. I already had a body con black dress with a slit up the right leg, and some black tights with boots. I bought a cape with a hood and found a stick in the garden for my wand. Some semi-spooky makeup and crazy hair and I was all set. Lots of fun was had and sweets were eaten.

Paraphernalia Girl disse...
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Paraphernalia Girl disse...

No Halloween 4 me...
O plano (já que dão chuvinha) é mesmo aproveitar a tarde enrolada na minha metade e nas mantas do sofá :)
Afinal de contas temos que aproveitar as oportunidades que surgem de "couple time" :)
O única réstia de Halloween que pode existir são as porcarias que comemos :)
Ahh adorava que o meu cabelo desse para essas coisas, mas o meu Bob não permite grandes apanhados (embora já mereça um novo corte).
Mas faço um apanhado com os ganxos normais (aquele pretos) que fica um must. Basicamente apanho mexas de cabelo e vou colocando para cima. Eu sei que a descrição o faz parecer meio desajeitado e sem-graça, mas fica um must. Já o usei várias vezes para o trabalho. Aguenta-se o dia inteiro e estou sempre compostinha =)

Have fun sweety**