sábado, 7 de maio de 2011

That Pink Bag

Today I saw this amazing bag at A|wear . I flirted with it! Put it on my shoulder! Opened it and tried to imagine how much of my stuff could actually fit in it (not much, but just enough!)! It was a 15 min affair that culminated with me realizing 25€ is a lot of money during these difficult times! I left the store completely defeated, cause, despite not having a special affection for pink, I absolutely love this bag! Love it! I'd say I need it, if there were no starving people in this world! I presented my case to a certain person lying in bed next to me right now! Hopefully that person will take pity on me!

There's something 50's and Jackie O about this bag! And also a bit 80's and Avon lady (not sure how this is a good thing...) Not to mention the similarity to Céline bags... God, I just love it!

É demasiado tarde para uma tradução! Mas eu sei que vocês são umas máquinas a inglês!;) E se não forem, no fundo é só para dizer que adoro esta mala, mas a vidinha de pobre não permite grandes loucuras!

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