sábado, 7 de maio de 2011

Shopping For The Ultimate Fashionista, My Sister!

At 10, my sister Laura is probably the most stylish girl I know! A true fashionista whose studied looks come across as effortless and cool! Thinking outside the box comes as natural to her as breathing itself! She's definitely my style icon!

(Laura looking casual on the weekend!)

I could not put her style in a specific category cause she's all about trying different styles! Rocker chick, preppy, hippie, sporty, ethnic... You name it, she's tried it! And she's like that with her hair as well! She'll try any do! Right now she's rocking the Anna Wintour look! Wish I had a pic to show it!

(Last year I posted this look of hers here in the blog! I wish I had a more recent photo, but I had to leave my computer and all my photos back in Portugal!)

She's has been choosing her outfits since ever! Unlike my mom, I 've given up trying to make her wear something she doesn't like! It just won't work! Going shopping with this girl is also an experience you won't soon forget! Helping style her is a dream come true! Close to styling a supermodel! She's so tall and lean (Jealous!)! Zara is her favourite store ever! And we can stay there forever putting outfits together! We love it!

Unfortunately, I am now in Ireland, while she's in Portugal! I miss her! And I miss our fashion bonding! (Actually, I believe half of her fashion obsession is just a way to connect with me! After all, I'm 15 years older than her! And despite getting in kid mode once in a while, it's hard to be all Disney, all the time!)

So now, I just go online and "shop" for her! Today I came across this beautiful swimsuit by We Are Handsome on net-a-porter and it's totally her!

She's got a passion for horses and has been riding since November! Besides looking perfect she's also a great rider!

She also loves drawing clothes! She draws all the time! I mean all the time! And she's got a talent! No wonder she wants to be a fashion designer...

Off course, she's also a "blogger"! Well, not really! Cause I won't let her yet! But she's got a notebook, where she draws and makes collages out of things she sees in magazines!

We really are fashion sisters! Well, my mom was quite the fashionista back in the day and my grandma was a seamstress, so fashion runs in our blood!

Gonna skip the portuguese version today! Way too long! Sorry!

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